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GEORGETOWN -- Sussex County Council denied a conditional use application for a market and deferred an application for a multi-family subdivision during its regular meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2001.

Council denied by a 2-2 vote an application by Jay R. Donovan for a conditional use in an AR-1 district to establish a market selling furniture, antiques, produce and miscellaneous unique items on 1 acre in Cedar Creek Hundred.

Council members Vance Phillips and Finley B. Jones voted in favor of the application while councilmen George Cole and Lynn Rogers voted against it. Council President Dale Dukes excused himself from the proceedings because he had missed the public hearing.

The county's Planning & Zoning Commission recommended denial of the project on July 26 due to concerns over the "flea market atmosphere", broad and vague descriptions of what would be sold there, and concerns that parking would spill onto Route 36.

Lawrence Lank, director of the Planning & Zoning Commission, told council that eight stipulations, including the erection of No Parking signs on Route 36 and prohibitions on food preparation or outdoor sales or display of merchandise, had been attached by the commission.

Rogers said what struck him during the hearing was the number of references to the potential "flea market atmosphere" of the business and the parking concerns.

"Even though it has on-site parking," said Rogers, "we've been through this on Route 24 and the No Parking signs don't do any good."

Council deferred a decision on a subdivision application from Marsh Harbor LLC to build 180 multi-family units on 20.3 acres on the southeast corner of the intersection of Roads 273 and 273A.

The Planning & Zoning Commission also voted to deny that application because it didn't feel it was an appropriate use in what planners say is largely a single-family area.

Planners also cited the high density for an area targeted for development at 4 units to the acre by the county engineering department for sewer hookups.

Dukes, however, questioned the engineering department's assumption, saying that preserved farmland and lower densities at two units per acre on other parcels in the area could justify a higher sewer density on the Marsh Harbor parcel.

Dukes' motion to defer a decision until the Oct. 9 council meeting was approved unanimously.

In Other Business ...
  • Council heard the introduction of an ordinance authorizing the issuance of $2,077,100 in general obligation bonds of Sussex County for the construction and equipping of the South Coastal Regional Wastewater Facility with a new sand filter and a force main for Pump Station No. 100, as well as all connections. A public hearing on the proposed ordinance will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 23, at 11 a.m. in council chambers.

  • Council unanimously approved a conditional acceptance for sewer services for the Lighthouse Cove center in the Fenwick Island Sanitary Sewer District.

  • Council unanimously approved an amendment to its contract with Delta Airport Consultants for the new airport terminal apron. The amendment approves $133,220 for Delta's inspection of the expansion and rehabilitation of the terminal and apron. Derek Sapp, project engineer, said the figure was within the amount budgeted for the project.

  • Council approved grant requests of $300 for installation of a street light at the intersection of the Beachfield subdivision from the Beachfield Homeowners Association, of $500 for Cape Henlopen High School cheerleaders for the All-American Performance Cast Cheerleading Team at the 2002 Florida Citrus Bowl, and of $300 to the Star of Hope Mission for repairs to or to purchase a new freezer.

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