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Council Issues Bonds
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Sussex County Council ...

Money to Fund Upgrades
at South Coastal Facility

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Sussex County Council unanimously authorized the issuance of general obligation bonds for improvements to the South Coastal Regional Wastewater Facility at its regular meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2001.

The bonds, totalling $2,077,100, will be used to build and equip the facility with a new sand filter and a force main for Pump Station No. 100.

County Finance Director David Baker said terms of the bonds would be 4.5 percent interest for a maximum of 40 years and that the bonds would be backed by the full faith and credit of the county.

He added that the bonds would be well within the county's debt limit and that the bonds would be covered by user fees in the Bethany Beach, South Bethany, Fenwick Island, Holts Landing and Ocean View areas.

Baker said $1,563,000 of the bonds would be used for the sand filter that will replace inoperative micro-strainers at the facility.

The remaining money will be used to connect Pump Station No. 100 directly to the treatment plant rather than going through Station No. 10 as it does now.

In Other Business ...

  • Assistant County Engineer Russell Archut told council that a public meeting on the proposed Millville/North Millville Expansion of the Bethany Beach Sanitary Sewer District will be held on Saturday, Nov. 10, at 9 a.m. in the Millville Fire Hall. The meeting will be held to determine the interest in the project in the Millville area and also further refine the boundaries of such system.

  • Council unanimously approved one road name change and unanimously denied a change of another road name. Council voted 5-0 to change Bowden's Garage Road to Cannon Road from Road 18 to Route 404. Council also voted 5-0 to leave Will King Road as is rather than rename it to King Fisher Road.

  • Council unanimously approved a new bank account for expenses incurred in connection with improvements at the South Coastal Regional Wastewater Facility. The $2.1 million USDA Rural Development Bond that will be used to finance the improvements requires that a separate bank account be established for payments.

  • Council unanimously approved a conditional acceptance to provide a one-year guarantee for the infrastructure of the sanitary sewer system at Nassau Station LLC. The 128-unit single-family subdivision on County Road 269A will provide the county with $378,112 in connection fees.

  • Council unanimously approved the bid of Hertrich Fleet Services for two new vehicles for the Sheriff's Department. The Chevrolet Impalas cost $19,488 apiece. County Purchasing Director Frank Shade said the new vehicles are designed for more heavy duty work than the current sheriff vehicles they'll be replacing.

  • Council approved a proclamation honoring Casa San Francisco
  • County Administrator Robert L. Stickels told council that the county was to distribute checks totalling $504,496.98 to county volunteer fire companies at the monthly meeting of the Sussex County Association of Volunteer Fire Companies on Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2001.

  • Stickels also announced that volunteer library training will be held on Nov. 5, 7, 14 and 15 at the county's West Administrative Building. Each session will be from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. More information is available at 855-7890.

  • Council approved the following grant requests:
    1. Sussex County 4-H -- $200 apiece from the Youth Activity Funds of Councilman Vance Phillips and Councilman Finley Jones for prizes for the annual banquet of the organization's Livestock Club.
    2. Town of Selbyville -- $226 from Councilman George Cole's councilmanic funds for street signs, speed limit signs and sign posts on Polly Branch Road.

    3. Town of Bridgeville -- $500 from Jones' councilmanic funds for renovations to the town hall.
    4. Grand Slam Softball Team -- $100 for tournament expenses.
    5. Delaware State Police -- $100 from each council member's councilmanic funds for the Citizens Police Academy.

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