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The state of Delaware has established a toll-free hotline that Delaware residents can call for information on any Y2K concerns they may have.

The number -- 1-877-729-3362 -- was activated to address Year 2000 questions and concerns, inform Delawareans about potential Y2K issues, and offer tips on how to prepare for possible inconveniences, according to Delaware Governor Thomas R. Carper.

The hotline will be manned from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. during normal business days until Dec. 29, 1999, and then be manned 24 hours a day from Dec. 30 to early January 2000.

Gov. Carper also urges Delawareans to use the state's Year 2000 Guide web site for additional information.

"This toll-free line is a key part of our ongoing efforts to make available information that will help Delawareans respond appropriately as we enter the new millenium," said Gov. Carper. "We are committed to providing residents the latest information on how the problem may, or may not, affect government services, banks, household appliances, and other things they depend on in their daily lives."

Gov. Carper noted that the state is well prepared for the new millenium. A statewide contingency response plan was developed this year and tested by an independent consultant. In addition, the Office of Information Systems and other state agencies have addressed potential Year 2000 computer-related issues for the last several years.

"Though we have worked the past few years on Year 2000 issues, no one knows for sure that we won't be affected," said Gov. Carper. "The best measures that we can take are the ones that prepare us best for entering the new millenium. We believe we're prepared, including ready to manage the unexpected. If the unforeseen occurs, we have contingency plans in place that will help us continue to serve Delawareans."

Though contingency plan tests confirm that the state is prepared for Y2K, the status of certain school districts' Y2K readiness remains uncertain.

DEMA Director Sean Mulhern, who has overseen the statewide Year 2000 preparation efforts, said no school districts have responded to DEMA's repeated requests for their Y2K contingency plans.

Without the opportunity to review and test all of the school districts' contingency plans, DEMA is unsure of some schools' Y2K status. DEMA spokesperson Joe Wessels said on Monday, Dec. 20, that the agency expects to receive Y2K questionnaires back from all districts this week.

Mulhern has sent letters this week to school principals to ask them to take precautionary measures in their schools and informing them of how to contact DEMA regarding Year 2000 issues.

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