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Oak Orchard Sewer Passes

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GEORGETOWN -- Roy F. Weston Inc. will monitor selected streams around former Sussex County landfills to determine the extent of, if any, damage to the ecosystem, according to Michael A. Izzo, county engineer.

Izzo told the Sussex County Council during its regular meeting on Tuesday, February 15, 2000, that this is in agreement with the Memorandum of Understanding made with DNREC some time ago.

The study by the West Chester, Pa. company will examine macroinvertebrate (snails) and sediment.

Oak Orchard Sewer Passes

Izzo also told the council that the Oak Orchard Sanitary Sewer District passed 286 to 261.

Izzo said more people voted in this referendum either in person or by absentee ballot than participated in the last one.

He said the increased voter turnout both for and against the system could be credited to those who worked hard to inform the people in the area.

One absentee ballot was eliminated because the voter used correction fluid to erase the control number.

Dukes Opposes Abortion Language

Dale Dukes, vice president of the Sussex County Council, said he opposed abortion but felt the resolution drafted on behalf of the county council to regulate abortion clinics was unacceptable.

Dukes said in his opinion it was a case of the county interfering with the state's jurisdiction. After some debate, which also allowed for public comment at the request of councilman Vance Phillips, George Cole offered a compromise.

Cole suggested striking specific directives in exchange for language that encouraged the state to reexamine abortion clinic regulations. The Cole amendments passed unanimously.

No More Road Name Changes

Dennis Norwood, supervisor of Mapping and Addressing for Sussex County, said the project workers would not accept any more road name changes. He said the project that started four years ago, was two years overdue.

He also informed the council that the Fire District Map books would be available to emergency agencies on March 15, 2000.

In Other Action:
  • The Delaware Supreme Court upheld the decision rendered in the lower court case of Gillespie vs. Sussex County Council, a court case that opposed the billing method used by the county in relation to sewer.

  • Moody's Investment Service upgraded Sussex County's General Obligation Bonds from A1 to Aa3 according to information provided by Robert "Bob" Stickels, county administrator. Among several reasons, the report cited "sound financial operations" in a February 11, 2000, article.
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