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Americana Bayside Gets 1,700 Homes

Following are the conditions that the Sussex County Planning & Zoning Commission has recommended for approval of a zoning change from AR to MR-RPC for Freeman Communities' proposed Americana Bayside development:

  1. The maximum number of residential units shall not exceed 1,700.

  2. Applicant shall make the decision on reduction of residential units. No reduction to 104 assisted living units.

  3. The maximum square footage of retail/office space shall be 170,000 square feet. Medical facility shall be developed.

  4. Residential certificates of occupancy shall be limited to 200 (cumulative) per year.

  5. Site Plan Review for each phase of the development shall be reviewed and approved by the Sussex County Planning & Zoning Commission.

  6. All entrances, intersections and roadway improvements required by DelDOT shall be completed by the applicant in accordance with any further modification required by DelDOT.

  7. Applicant will establish a 60-foot highway corridor overlay zone setback along the property fronting Rt. 54.

  8. Recreation facilities, i.e. golf, tennis courts, swimming pools, etc., shall be constructed to coincide with the construction phasing schedule and subject to review and approval by the Sussex County Planning & Zoning Commission.

  9. The R.P.C. shall be served by Sussex County South Coastal Regional Wastewater facility per Sussex County Engineering Dept. Regulations & Specifications.

  10. The R.P.C. shall be served by a central water system providing drinking water and fire protection per applicable regulations and approval of DNREC, State Fire Marshall's office and Public Service Commission.

  11. Stormwater management, erosion and sediment control shall equal or exceed all applicable State and County Regulations.

  12. Applicant shall establish a 100-foot buffer setback from golf course and wetlands bordering Drum Creek, Roy Creek and Little Assawoman Bay.

  13. Applicant shall establish "best management practices" in regards to golf course maintenance.

  14. Applicant shall coordinate with the Center for the Inland Bays, the development of a public Inland Bay nature trail and observatory. (The 100-foot buffer setback from golf course and wetlands bordering the two creeks and bay may be utilized).

  15. State and Federal wetlands shall be maintained as non-disturbance areas except for disturbance authorized by a valid Federal or State Permit.

  16. Applicant shall provide, at no cost, a parcel of land appropriate for use by the Delaware State Police and a parcel of land appropriate for use by the Roxana Volunteer Fire Company when deemed appropriate by said organizations. The location and size of said parcels shall be as mutually agreed upon by the parties.

  17. Applicant shall provide Shuttle Service to the residents of Americana Bayside, as needed, to the beaches for recreation and shopping. Applicant shall plan to educate and encourage use of this service in regards to decreasing traffic on Rt. 54.

  18. Applicant shall provide adequate security for development:
    • 24-hour Emergency Center
    • A number of Security vehicles
    • Increase security personnel and vehicles as residential occupancy permits are issued

  19. Applicant shall coordinate with the State and County emergency planning offices in developing and implementing an emergency evacuation procedure for the development, which shall be incorporated into the Restrictions of the development and may require early mandatory evacuation if required by said offices.

  20. The R.P.C. shall not contain a marina, individual boat docking facilities, or boat docking facilities, or boat launching facilities other than a community water taxi service faclity. Non-motorized watercraft shall be permitted at the boat launching facilities of the community water taxi service.
  21. No existing state roads in the development shall be vacated.

  22. Public access to the end of Road 394 and parking for 8 vehicles on the Assawoman Bay will be maintained.

  23. The assisted living units will be restricted to the north side of Route 54 west of Route 20.

  24. All commercial activity will be on the South side of Route 54 with no direct access from Rotue 54. The entrance to the commercial area will be at least 300 feet from Route 54.

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