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Key Elements of
Educator Accountability

Educator Accountability Act ...

Following are the key elements of the Educator Accountability Act (S.B. 260) as determined by Gov. Thomas R. Carper's office:

Educator Accountability for Student Improvement

Recognizing that effective teachers and administrators are critical to our children's education, Delaware's Educator Accountability legislation (SB 260) ensures that teachers and administrators are motivated to help students meet Delaware's standards. Beginning in 2002, at least 20 percent of an educator's performance evaluation will be tied directly to student improvement -- teachers and administrators who fail to measure up can be dismissed. The legislation also establishes a new, more rigorous licensure and certification system requiring teachers and administrators to meet increased professional development requirements and teach in their area of expertise.

Attracting and Retaining the Best and Brightest Teachers

Delaware's ability to recruit and retain highly skilled and effective educators is critical to our students' success. The Educator Accountability legislation (SB 260):

  1. Makes salaries more competitive with other teachers in our region -- with a focus on raising the salaries of starting teachers;

  2. Encourages focused, career-long professional development for all teachers;

  3. and Compensates teachers for taking on additional responsibilities or becoming National Board Certified. Ending Social Promotion

    With the enactment of Educator Accountability legislation (SB 260), students, beginning in Spring 2002, whose reading skills are well below the standard at the end of 3rd, 5th and 8th grades, will be required to attend summer school and meet the standard to move to the next grade. Students whose math skills fall well below the standard at the end of 8th grade are required to attend summer school and, if their skills do not improve, repeat 8th grade or attend a readiness academy to hone their skills prior to admission to high school.

    Providing Students Help Before They Fail

    With the enactment of SB260, students who do not meet the standards -- beginning this spring -- will receive mandatory individual improvement plans that may include up to 20 days of additioal learning time on weekends, after school, or during the summer. Recognizing that some students will need additional instructional time to meet the new standards, Delaware funds up to 20 days of extra time for one out of every three students.

    Ensuring Diplomas are Meaningful

    With the enactment of SB 260, future Delaware graduates must demonstrate that they meet the 10th grade standards in language arts and math to receive an academic diploma from the State of Delaware. This requirement ensures that our students leave school with the skills they need to meet the challenges of the 21st Century -- whether in the workplace, college or in the military.

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