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Hookup Costs Reduced
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GEORGETOWN -- Funding for the Ellendale Sanitary Sewer District will reduce hookup costs to $400 per household, according to Robert "Bob" Stickels, Sussex County Administrator.

Stickels announced that a $1.726 million loan has been authorized on behalf of the Delaware Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund by the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) at the Tuesday, July 25, 2000 Sussex County Council meeting.

The announcement came in a letter addressed to Stickels from Alan J. Farling, State Revolving Fund Loan Administrator.

In his Binding Commitment Letter, Farling outlined the county's responsibilities, which include providing evidence of other funding for the project, paying all legal fees produced through closing, and applying any interest earned by the loan towards the principal loan.

The county must also remain fiscally sound as defined by the loan administrators, according to Farling's letter.

The overall agreement says the council must use its own money first before using the money from the Water Pollution Control State Revolving Fund. If more money is needed, council can then begin using USDA/RUS loan and grants until the project is completed as approved by DNREC.

The funding sources are:

  • Sussex County Council $250,000
  • WPCSRF $1,726,000
  • USDA/RUS loan $1,250,000
  • USDA/RUS grant $750,000
  • State 21st Century Fund $3,814,000

The county is responsible for overseeing the project and must pay the Delaware Prevailing Wages to workers as established by the State of Delaware Department of Labor in Wilmington.

Council President Lynn Rogers said he was pleased with the outcome and grateful to the people of the Ellendale Sewer District for thoroughly investigating the sewer plan and passing it.

He said a great deal of gratitude goes to Harold Truxon, community activist, who worked tirelessly on the project. Truxon made many calls and organized and attended meetings, Rogers said.

"When I first came (on the county council), I was able to slow the process down so that the people could get the information," Rogers said. "I told them I understood no one was going to force this on them. They wouldn't allow it. After they had all the information, the people of Ellendale passed it."

The finish date for the sewer district is December 31, 2002.

The process of establishing the sewer district has taken more than a decade.

Checks to Fire Depts.

The county was to distribute checks to Sussex County Volunteer Fire Departments for $211,505.53 during the Sussex County Volunteer Firemen's Association meeting on Tuesday, July 25, 2000 at Roxana Fire Department.

The money was collected through Building Permit Fees and exceeded the estimated budget prediction by more than $35,000. In total, the county collected $885,491.77.

In other business, Council:
  • Heard from Councilman Dale Dukes, who voiced the concerns of residents who live near Trap Pond State Park near Laurel. The park has closed its swimming area due to water quality concerns and a lack of lifeguards. Dukes said he was contacted by a nearby resident of the park who suggested a swimming pool like Killens Pond State Park. He suggested the council recommend a swimming pool instead of the suggested spray playground (overhead sprinklers that children can play under).

  • Won a court case brought by the Citizens Coalition, Inc. The coalition claimed the county did not give adequate notice or enough information about zoning changes for 62.6 acres near the Lewes Rehoboth Canal that the council approved on December 22, 1998. The council approved the property for Medium Density Residential (MR) and Residential Planned Community (RPC) from Agricultural Residential (AR-1). The Chancery Court said the council provided the public with the opportunity to inform itself and to be heard on the zoning changes.

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