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Council Delays Action
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GEORGETOWN -- Sussex County Council unanimously approved a revision of the county's subdivision ordinance that will allow developers to make changes to approved subdivision plans without the previously required approval of all property owners at its Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2000 meeting.

The ordinance allows the county's Planning & Zoning Director, Lawrence B. Lank, to approve requested changes without approval of property owners in the subdivision for all changes that don't involve a change in density.

Property owners within the subdivision and within 200 feet of the subdivision will still be advised of proposed changes through a notice of the application and public hearing.

The previous $100 application fee for subdivision changes was also increased to $300.

Vendor Ordinance Delayed

Council delayed a decision on an ordinance involving vendors in the county.

The council members' main concern with the ordinance was the definition of a vendor as "a person who sells goods from a transient location."

Council members felt that definition opened up the doors to allow vendors to sell anything, rather than just the food products council had in mind when it instructed Lank to draft the ordinance.

Lank said the proposed ordinance would allow a vendor to set up a stand on any approved commercial property with approval for an accessory use and an approved site plan.

He said, however, that it would allow a vendor to sell any product, not just food.

Councilman George Cole said he wanted "to make sure we're not opening up a pandora's box" by approving an ordinance he called "vague".

He said the county should "piece-meal" the ordinance, starting with food products and then adding other kinds of products later if desired.

In other action ...
  • Approved a grant proposal to request $1.2 million from the Community Development Block Grant fund for assisting small towns in the county with home and infrastructure improvements. The federal money is used for putting in new windows or insulation or fixing failed septic systems. The money has been used in the past to rehabilitate 50-60 homes some years. The program allows the county to request grants for small towns and unincorporated areas that don't have the resources to write grant requests on their own.

  • Council officially accepted the federal government's Flood Mitigation Plan to assist homeowners in flood-prone areas with tasks such as raising their homes out of flooded areas.

  • Proclaimed Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2000, as 911 Emergency Number Day to promote the county's 911 emergency system.

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