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Impact of
Polling on America
The impact of polls on the American Democratic process

In Our Opinion ...

Polling represents one of the greatest threats facing Democracy in America. If you don't think so, consider that decisions are made everyday based on polling data, and then think about the last time you or someone you know was surveyed for a poll. Probably never.

Pollsters assemble data without your input while assuming that you would respond the same way someone else in the sampling responded. Armed with that data, the major parties rely on polls to tell them who their nominees should be, the media use polls to determine who and what they should focus their resources on, and politicians use polls to determine their stances on the issues.

Already, the polls have practically anointed George W. Bush president in 2000 by discouraging other deserving candidates from enduring tortuous campaigns that the polls tell them will be a lost cause.

Then there's the Iowa straw poll on Aug. 14, 1999. Iowa hardly represents a cross-section of this country, yet its goofy straw poll was expected to convince several GOP candidates to drop out even though no winner in this political farce has ever gone on to win the presidency.

This process poorly serves the American public and the Democratic process.

A Look at Polling in America ...

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The following links describe the mechanics behind polling and why you should be very skeptical of them.

Ignoring the Polls ...

You can use the following links to gather information you can't find in the polls, information to help you make the best choice for you and your family

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