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Seaford 2001
Football Preview

2001 Preview ...

Blue Jays Hope to
Continue Progress

The Seaford High School football program's first season back in the Henlopen Conference Southern Division didn't work out the way the Blue Jays had hoped.

But head coach Ron Dickerson, continuing his effort to rebuild the program he once made one of the state's most feared, did double the team's number of wins from a 2-8 record in 1999 to a 4-6 mark in 2000.

Now in his third season after a one-year hiatus in a 28-year career in which he has posted more than 180 wins, Dickerson has some experience back but will rely heavily on newcomers.

Leading the returnees are fullback Calvin Handy and tackle Billy Whitaker, both second team all-conference selections in 2000. Nick Pegelow will start at quarterback.

Following is a capsule preview of the Blue Jays' 2001 campaign.

Head Coach: Ron Dickerson (first year)

2000 Record: 4-6 overall, 1-5 Henlopen South

Key Returning Players: Brian Batson (FB), Nick Pegelow (QB), Nick Dunk (K), John Flagger (G), Calvin Handy (FB), T.J. Johnson (SE), Daniel Lloyd (TE), Billy Whitaker (T), Virgil Greener (HB), Correy Savage (SE), John Wheatley (TE-MLB), Aaron White (HB), Grant Gray (G)

Key Players Lost: Chris Tull (G), Aaron Irvine (C-DL), Matt Davis (RB), Jermaine Pitts (RB), Brandon Stump (OL)

Key Newcomers: Mike Betts (G), Charles Brittingham (SE), G-Steve Dorelus (So., 6-0, 271), Jason Enders (C), Ben Hastings (HB), Jake Long (T), Tim Mankin (T), Deshawn Scott (FB), Tehron West (TE), Dominque West (SE), Bob Drayton (G), Andrew Lamberton (TE), QB-Trevor Irvine (QB), Beau Moore (SE-DB), Maxx Morris (HB), Terrance Palmer (HB), Ryan Shockley (K).

Coach Dickerson's Comments: "We have some good senior leadership, but it's a matter of getting the right chemistry together. If things like that fall into place, we could be competitive. I think the Henlopen South will be very strong this year. I just hope we can keep pace."

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