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Heart-Breaking Loss
Woodbridge Blue Raiders
2002 Recap

Friday, Sept. 27, 2002
Seaford 26, Woodbridge 20 (3 OT)

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The Woodbridge High School football team fell below the .500 mark with a heart-breaking loss to its nearby rivals.

The Blue Raiders made a valiant comeback from a 10-0 deficit with five minutes left in the fourth quarter but eventually lost the game when quarterback John Passwaters' pass into the end zone in the third overtime was intercepted.

Woodbridge, now 1-2 overall, matched Seaford with a 1-yard touchdown plunge by Passwaters in the first overtime and a 22-yard field goal by Passwaters in the second overtime.

After Seaford scored in the third overtime and missed the extra point, the Raiders seemed poised to cap a remarkable comeback with a touchdown and extra point.

But on third down, Passwaters, rolling to his right, threw a pass into the end zone that was intercepted by Seaford's Beau Moore.

In regulation, Woodbridge trailed 10-0 in the fourth quarter but a Seaford fumble led to a 24-yard field goal by Passwaters and a botched punt snap by Seaford was scooped up by Dale Raines and returned for the tying score.

When the punt snap sailed over Seaford punter Ryan Shockley's head, Woodbridge's Ricky Hughes plastered Shockley and jarred the ball loose for Raines to pick up and run into the end zone.

The Blue Raiders had beaten Seaford three straight years, including 40-10 in 2001 and 38-7 in 2000. The Raiders have played overtimes three times since 1999, going 1-2 with losses to Seaford and Sussex Tech and a win over Laurel.

Woodbridge begins its Henlopen Conference Southern Division season at Indian River on Friday, Oct. 4, at 7:30 p.m.

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