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Photo: Ashlee Burbage (top) led Seaford with 14 points. Below, Seaford coach James Weardon.

WOODSIDE -- Once again, the Henlopen Conference girls' basketball championship trophy will reside in Seaford.

Seaford's Ashlee BurbageThe Blue Jays, champions of the Henlopen South, avenged a regular season loss to Caesar Rodney this year and a playoff loss to the Riders last year with a 54-32 victory in the 2001 Henlopen Conference championship game Monday, Feb. 26, 2001.

Ashlee Burbage and Reniece Williams led the charge to the championship at Polytech with 14 and 13 points, respectively.

The Jays also clamped down on the Riders defensively by forcing 31 turnovers.

The Blue Jays won the title in 1999 but lost it last year when CR beat them in a playoff game for the North title and the berth in the conference championship game.

The Riders had gone 19-0 in the conference this year including a 63-53 win over Seaford on Jan. 11.

The Blue Jays blew Monday night's game open with an 18-2 advantage in the second quarter. Cassandra Wright sparked the rally with two straight three-pointers.

"I believed we would play like this because I knew how well we have been playing of late," said Seaford coach James Weardon.

Seaford coach James WeardonThe Blue Jays fell behind 15-9 in the first period before rallying to tie the score by period's end, 15-15.

Erica Woods, who burned Seaford with more than 20 points in the Jan. 11 game, was held to just 12 points Monday night.

Seaford now moves into the state tournament. The No. 9 seed, the Blue Jays will play St. Elizabeth at 7 at Lake Forest on Wednesday, Feb. 28.

CR, the No. 3 seed, has a first round bye. The Riders' first game will be Friday, March 2.

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