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Delmar Delaware
Zip Code -- 19940
Municipal information for Delmar Delaware


Delmar Playground

Photo: Delmar's modern, shaded playground in the center of town

"The Little Town Too Big For One State", Delmar's 962 residents live in a unique community that calls two states, Delaware and Maryland, home.

Straddling the Mason-Dixon line, the town was founded in 1859 soon after the Baltimore, Chesapeake and Atlantic Railway Co. reached the area and incorporated in 1899. Fires devastated the town in 1892 and 1901, but residents rebuilt and the town continued to grow. The town became known as the "Strawberry Capital of the Nation" in the early 1900s due to the volume of strawberries grown and shipped by local farmers.

Today, Delmar offers six public parks, a public library, daycare centers, convenient shopping on U.S. 13, local sports and recreation programs, churches, and numerous civic organizations. The Delmarva Convention Center on U.S. 13 hosts concerts, antiques and craft shows, and many other events including entertainment. Delmar is also home to the U.S. 13 International Speedway, a drag and stock car racing track.

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