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FlexITechs, 302-537-4198Seaford, population 5,689, was voted one of the Best 100 Small Towns in America in that publication's 1995 edition with a ranking of 28th.

Located on the Nanticoke River about a half-hour from the beach and an hour from the Chesapeake Bay, Seaford offers a wealth of recreational opportunities. Besides public tennis, volleyball, swimming pools, golf, softball, bowling, and a brand new Boys & Girls Club, Seaford offers parks, boat ramps, fishing piers, a river walk on the Nanticoke and nature trails on the Nanticoke Watershed.

Seaford was founded in 1726 and incorporated in 1865. The Leni-Lenape Indians hunted and fished on the shores of the Nanticoke in the 1600s. Early records show that Seaford was plotted in 1799 and was an agricultural center using the river to transport produce inland.

Seaford is known as the Nylon Capital of the World as the home of the DuPont Company's first nylon plant. The Hearns and Rawlins Mills, founded in the mid-1800s, produces Dove brand flour, pancake mix and meal north of Seaford. Also north of town is the Governor William Ross Plantation and its Italian Renaissance mansion.

Seaford has a downtown business district and a number of national chains and shopping plazas on U.S. 13.

The Nanticoke River, Seaford

Photo: Boaters enjoy an afternoon on the Nanticoke River in Seaford.

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